Is This Your Gym?
The most underutilized asset at your school

We Believe There Is A Better Way.

What if there was a breakthrough way to engage and captivate your audience like never before? What if you could get more people coming to your sports games, events, and assemblies? What if you could use this to also raise more money for fundraising? And even better, what if you could do all of this for absolutely no cost and no risk to you?

Teaching Platform






Club Fundraising



LED Video Display

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  • No Cost to You

    You have no financial responsibility

  • Student Stimulation

    Keep them captivated and engaged

  • Community Involvement

    Sponsors want to be here. Create awareness!

  • Creative Engagement

    Choral Performances, Plays, Teaching Platform, Assemblies, DECA, Jr. Achievement

Here’s How It Works.

  • No cash commitment from you… Ever.

  • Your school receives a 6’7”x 12’4” Hi-Resolution Video board

  • Your School Receives Cash After We Reach Our Target Each Year.

  • We Work Together In Targeting Sponsors.

  • Involvement From Clubs And Other Sports Without A Venue Gives Each Group An Opportunity To Cash Out.

Our Process

Step 1

Sign Agreement

Step 2

Work with ISM in identifying sponsors and get annual commitments

Step 3

Install LED Video Display within 30 days. Your School provides required power and pulls signal cable

Step 4

Collect your check at the end of year one

Partnerships That Create Value

Education Value

Teaching platform. Education entrepreneurship. Student Integration

Entertainment Value

Student Integration. Fan Enhancement. Creative Engagement.

Economic Value

Comprehensive Sponsorship. Measurable Results. Annual Royalty Payments.

Community Value

Community Pride. Club Integartion. Good Corporate Citizens.

Why Are We Doing This?

We are doing this because we see a significant area of need that we can fill. We believe that together we can support education and athletics in a deep and meaningful way. Not only that, it’s a complete win-win. We see it as something that we can economically both benefit from.
Hand drawing Win Win Puzzle Concept with black marker on transparent wipe board.


  • The video board from Innovation Sports Marketing has been an amazing addition to our home events, it has really ramped up crowd engagement and enjoyment when they attend. The comments and positive feedback from our students and parents are always positive and encourage us to do more with the video board to add to the excitement level for everyone who attends our events.

    Chad Sussex
    Chad Sussex Technology Instructor
  • Innovation Sports Marketing delivered on everything they said they would do and more.  We are extremely pleased at how everything has turned out and just cashed our first royalty check...keep 'em coming!  What a great partnership!

    Kyle Hoefling
    Kyle Hoefling School Board Member

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