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Blueprint for Success

    System Design Services:

  • Formulate Project Design Criteria
  • Evaluate Facility Design
  • Develop and Evaluate Design Options
  • Estimate System Costs
  • Prepare Financing Options
  • Evaluate Procurement Options



    Marketing, Advertising & Sales Services:

  • Advertising System Product Mix
  • Identify Marketing Affect Factors
  • Develop Revenue Projections
  • Create Sponsorship Packages
  • Create Advertising Proposal
  • Identify Targets
  • Marketing Sales Tools
  • Assemble Sales Team
  • Prepare Advertising Contracts



    Implementation Services:

  • Issue Specifications to Selected Vendors
  • Evaluate Vendor Response
  • Arrange Formal Presentations
  • Advice in Final Selection Process
  • Final Negotiations
  • Monitor System Manufacture, Delivery & Installation
  • Final Approval
  • The Advantage of Experience