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The Advantage of Service

Warranty and Maintenance

With the utmost faith in our products and in our services, ISM is able to provide warranty and maintenance programs of duration and comprehensive scope that are unsurpassed in the industry. In addition to our standard warranty programs, we also offer a comprehensive spare parts inventory, as well as an efficient parts exchange program. The combination of these programs provides ISM clients with superior performance and service, simultaneously minimizing expense, effort and downtime. The exact parameters of these warranty and maintenance programs are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual configuration and installation, providing heightened flexibility as necessary to ensure success for our clients.

A representative program includes a five (5) year warranty on parts and labor for a video display, with the warranty period beginning upon customer acceptance of said display. Should any parts fail during the warranty period, the faulty parts will be repaired or replaced at ISM expense. In addition, ISM transfers to the owner any and all individual warranties received with any supporting, companion or component equipment related to the display.

Spare Parts Inventory

Upon installation and acceptance, ISM provides the client with a Spare Parts Inventory. This inventory is comprised of a representative yet comprehensive assortment of parts necessary for the continued successful operation of the video display and accompanying components. After being replaced from the spare parts inventory, faulty parts can be returned to ISM for repair or replacement. The owner is responsible for removing said part(s) for ISM determination, and for freight in one direction during repair or replacement. The owner is also responsible for the safe and accessible storage of the parts inventory. Having many necessary parts already on-site provides far superior response and repair times – a vital part of the ISM commitment to top-quality customer service.

Parts Exchange Program

ISM also offers a Parts Exchange Program, which both complements and enhances the spare parts inventory. Following replacement, necessary parts are shipped to the owner by ISM in order to replenish the spare parts inventory. The program is designed to help the owner maintain an always-optimized and available inventory of spare parts, while minimizing the costs inherent in maintaining an effective on-site inventory.

Both the Spare Parts Inventory and the Parts Exchange Program are included in the original purchase of the package, at no additional cost to the owner during the initial warranty period.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty period, with or without the inclusion of a Spare Parts Inventory and/or Parts Exchange Program, can be tailored to the exact needs of an individual project or situation. Let us know the particulars of a situation, and ISM can design a warranty or maintenance program to specifically address any ongoing or future needs.


The Advantage of Preformance

Ease of Maintenance

The superior quality of the components utilized by ISM on every project translates to minimal needs for maintenance or service, to which our many years of successful system design, manufacture, installation and operation are testament. But should such needs arise, ISM’s designs and systems provide for unsurpassed ease of maintenance.

The modular nature of ISM display systems and the extensive operator and maintenance training provided by ISM allow for the fast, easy and efficient on-site resolution of most maintenance issues. All components are specifically and intentionally designed for individual access from the rear so that individual module maintenance can be successfully performed without involving or affecting any other module. The constituent on-site spare parts inventory is intentionally structured to provide immediate access to parts necessary for most possible solutions; any additional parts are readily available through ISM and its partners. In addition, all component modules of ISM display systems are individually sealed for protection, preventing any potential impact of surrounding conditions or neighboring components.