About Us

Founded in 2002, ISM is comprised of seasoned players with proven success achieved through decades of comprehensive experience and expertise, truly innovative ideas, and demonstrated dedication to our clients.

We founded ISM with the client as our focus.  Simply put, we believe that a comprehensive solution to your facility upgrade starts with you.  Our priority is to create value in all aspects of a project, from technology acquisition to revenue creation, and the ongoing support that is so key in making your project a long term success.

The ISM team offers continuous personal involvement for expert and custom design, installation and support at every stage of the process, for projects of virtually any size or scope.

Truly Innovative Ideas

Studies show that consumers consider several factors when making choices for event attendance. In addition to the obvious factor of team or event loyalties, most determining considerations relate directly to the quality of the overall experience. People want entertainment and stimulation – expanding challenges in today’s world of ever-­increasing pace and ever-­shortening attention span.

Sports and entertainment facilities in today’s market face competition that is more fierce than ever for events, and for the revenue they produce. To be successful, facilities must maximize every possible advantage in order to attract and retain the events, the customers, and the revenues – all while optimizing profit potential.

A properly designed system by ISM affords a facility the opportunity to concurrently inform, educate, entertain, challenge and inspire. Simply put, our systems invite everyone for an ultimate interactive experience unattainable with other display options. These characteristics strengthen and intensify the consumer’s enjoyment of, and ultimately their commitment to an event and a facility.

With extensive experience in the design, engineering, production and installation of LED video systems, and an unwavering commitment to our clients and our partners, ISM is the unmistakable and recognized choice for any facility, for any application.

What We Do

Innovation Sports Marketing specializes in the development, design, implementation and management of display, marketing, and advertising plans for sports and general use facilities at universities, colleges and high schools.  ISM devotes all energies towards optimizing the performance and profitability of our custom­ designed programs and systems, resulting in a vastly enhanced experience for everyone from administration to participant to fan. It is the overall experience that ultimately attracts both consumers and sponsors in today’s ever­-changing and expanding markets of sports and entertainment.

ISM’s innovative programs and state of ­the ­art displays and products provide schools with a distinct competitive advantage and an augmented ability to attract and retain sponsors and consumers, coaches and players.

The ISM team has successfully completed major projects at a vast array of facilities, including those located at:

The ISM Blueprint Advantage

When trying to manage and lead an athletics department or facility, enhancing facilities and maximizing revenues can be a daunting – and at times an overwhelming task. Continued success in an increasingly competitive environment demands continuous improvements to facilities and programs, often within tightening constraints of funding. Yet without capital improvements and increased revenue streams, effective competition for coaches, staff, athletes, students and fans cannot be successfully achieved.

ISM’s proven business model offers the experience, resources, expertise, manpower, and personal attention necessary to provide facility improvements that enhance the experiences of fans, players and coaches, while providing new or improved revenue opportunities.

With particular attention to the elements of functionality, aesthetics, financial objectives and political sensitivities of each specific project, ISM exhaustively utilizes all available resources to custom design, develop and implement our Blueprint for Success, encompassing plans for system design, marketing and advertising, and implementation.