The Advantage of Training

During and after installation, ISM will provide to the client extensive on­site training relating to the operations, maintenance and service issues of any ISM display system.

Operator Training

Operator training will encompass all information necessary for the successful ongoing operation of the display system as designed and installed by ISM, and will be conducted by the ISM representative most comprehensively knowledgeable about the particulars of the specific display.

In addition, ISM will provide the client an operations manual with detailed and comprehensive instructions for the overall system and for each component incorporated therein.

Maintenance and Service Training

In addition to the above-­mentioned operator training, ISM will also provide inclusive maintenance and service training for personnel deemed appropriate by the client facility.

Training will empower facility personnel to purposefully and appropriately perform system and component maintenance, as well as successfully trouble-shoot, diagnose, service or repair any issues that may manifest during the life of the display system.

ISM will provide to the client an operations manual outlining all operations, technical, maintenance and service instructions and requirements of the overall display system, as well as detailed information covering the individual components of which the display system is composed.

Beyond Training

ISM is totally committed to the ongoing success of the systems provided to clients. To that end, in addition to the afore-mentioned on-site training covering system operation, maintenance and service, ISM is proud to provide clients with telephone or email consultation regarding system issues not readily available through other avenues.